Named as one of 2014's '100 Most Influential Australian Women' by the Australian Financial Review and Westpac, Jillian's passion for providing opportunities for non-traditional entrants into science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) professions has led her to establish two social enterprises serving this space.

As Founding Director of Machinam, Jillian applies innovative approaches to deliver high school mathematics resources that are engaging and relevant to real life. Employing the experience gained through her doctoral research, Jillian is committed to ensuring the delivery of thoroughly researched and tested, world-class products.

In 2012, Jillian co-founded the non-profit organisation Power of Engineering, which runs nationwide events for female and regional Year 9 and 10 students to inspire them about the engineering profession; showcasing its diversity, creativity, and most importantly that it is an avenue to making a real difference in the world.

Since completing her PhD exploring innovation in the Australian water sector, Jillian has applied the insight and experience gained through this process to a range of sectors including education, health and water.




Engineer by profession, self-taught entrepreneur, shameless TED talk obsessive, amateur photographer and half marathon runner, working to change the world through engineering, mathematics, diversity and creativity.

Passionate about unleashing diversity and creativity in engineering, Felicity co-founded not-for-profit organisation Power of Engineering in 2012. Since then, the organisation has inspired over 3,700 female and regional high school students across Australia about creative and diverse engineering careers. 90% of participants of the program would consider a career in engineering.

Felicity wanted to scale this impact and founded the commercial venture Machinam along with Dr Jillian Kenny and Claire Bennett. They saw how engaged students were with real world examples and connection to students own life in Power of Engineering workshops. Felicity believes that bringing these tools into maths classrooms and resources with Machinam's mathematics resources, students will be able to answer that question 'why do I need to learn this' and gain critical problem solving skills and best prepare them for their future.

This work, along with her professional career saw Felicity named as one of six of the Financial Review BOSS magazine’s Young Executives of 2016 and as one of Australia’s ‘100 Women of influence’ in 2012.

Felicity’s nine year corporate career includes working as a Senior Project Manager at innovative engineering consultancy Arup, management consulting at fortune 500 company AECOM and delivering multi-million dollar transport infrastructure projects for local communities with Brisbane City Council.




Claire is a Senior Engineer with the world's largest infrastructure company, working with clients to solve society's most complex infrastructure challenges.

Throughout a career spanning more than a decade, she has had experience in the planning, design and management of major infrastructure projects. Claire has managed projects from initial business case development and feasibility through to operations.

As a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), Claire enjoys working at the nexus of two important global resources, water and energy; delivering environmentally and economically sustainable resource management solutions for global infrastructure companies in the Water, Energy, Mining, Transport and Environment industries.

Having spent time managing high risk projects in the resources industry, she is practiced in conflict resolution and diplomacy, happily leading the way on difficult paths to find sustainable solutions.

As a Founding Director of Machinam, Claire is combining her entrepreneurial skills, real world engineering experience, and love of maths to create a shift in her profession through fostering inclusive behaviours and innovative education.



Content Writer

I am a young educator with a passion for changing the face of maths education. At university, I followed my passions and studied mathematics and physics. Since then, I have worked touring science shows for Scitech in Western Australia and then in Victoria as a secondary school educator, teaching maths and physics.

Working with students has inspired me. Our primary and secondary schools are full of interesting, curious, creative and enthusiastic learners, and I have made it my mission to create an education experience that echoes the qualities that I have seen in students.