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What is irl

The digital resource contains the following elements:

  • Interactive, digital app that can be used on any device (e.g. tablet, laptop, PC)
  • Engaging content that is relevant to the real world and future careers
  • Scenarios that apply authentic learning pedagogy
  • Growth mindset techniques
  • Mapping to the Year 7 - 10 Australian Curriculum for mathematics
  • Simple to use dashboard that allows teachers to:
    - easily modify quests or create your own
    - monitor and evaluate student and class progress by various metrics

why do you need it?

To increase the engagement of students in the class room

  • Exciting real world scenarios that make students see the real world and how maths is applied to every day situations
  • Takes the risk out of you creating resources that absorb your time and might not come off well in the classroom
  • * insert more Whys
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What does it look like in the classroom?

Teachers are using IRL as a supplementary resource to engage their students in mathematics. Using real world scenarios teachers are able to answer the question "Why".


Parents are using 'IRL' as a way to support the learning that occurs in school. Many parents find the resource a great tool for the family to be involved in the Maths of today's generation.

This product meets a need that I haven’t seen met by any other mathematics resources, by teaching maths through real world ideas.
— Cindy, Emmanuel College Warnambool