Machinam have developed a digital resource for high school maths classes. The product tackles the age old question, 'Why do we need to learn this?' by framing maths problems in a way that allows students' to connect what they are learning in class to their own life and future careers.

This resource brings together problem-based learning, real life context and digital technology to provide an alternative to traditional high school maths textbooks that is engaging and relevant to students' interests, and is mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

The Australian company Machinam Pty Ltd was founded by engineers Claire Bennett, Felicity Furey (Briody) and Jillian Kenny.

The logo and other images are available for download here.


In 2012, Felicity and Jillian co-founded Power of Engineering, a non-profit organisation that inspires female and regional Year 9 and 10 students about what’s possible from an engineering career. Shortly afterwards, Claire joined the team as Partnerships Coordinator. After a few years running this organisation, they began to question if there was a way to scale the impact they were making. At the same time, the thousands of teachers and students they were meeting began asking where they could get resources like the ones in the workshops that engaged students, to use in class. After spending many hours talking and scheming in a quaint cafe at the Barracks in Brisbane, Machinam was born.


Based on that first conversation in the cafe, we wanted this venture to focus on changing the social fabric of engineering, technology and design. The word ‘fabric’ stuck out as a potential name - which of course was taken - but we discovered the Latin translation of the word to be Machinam (by the way, it is pronounced Ma-ki-nam). Machinam is also the derivative of words like fabrication and machine, which is a nice homage to our engineering background. Apparently, to machinate is to artfully plot or scheme, which we quite like as well!