Claire Bennett
Founding Director

As a Founding Director of Machinam, Claire is combining her entrepreneurial skills, real world engineering experience, and love of maths to create a shift in her profession by fostering inclusive behaviours and innovative education.


Felicity Furey
Founding Director

Felicity believes that Machinam's products are an integral resource that will ensure teachers and students will be able to answer that question 'why do I need to learn this' by using critical problem solving skills and best prepare them for their future.

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Dr Jillian Kenny
Founding Director
COO/Head of Product

Jillian applies innovative approaches to deliver high school mathematics resources that are engaging and relevant to real life. Employing the experience gained through her doctoral research, Jillian is committed to the delivery of thoroughly researched and tested, world-class products.


Kate Cowdroy-Ling
Regional Manager

As Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Kate focuses on all aspects of community, school, teacher and student engagement. Having also studied as a primary school teacher Kate enjoys the opportunity to put her background in business management and education to use in a meaningful way.


Michael Weldon
Digital Illustrator

As lead Digital Illustrator, Michael's cheeky fingerprints are all over the IRL resource. A contributor to The New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazine, Michael has lectured in the arts sector and has a passion for cartoon graphics.

Caitlin Mahony
Content Writer

As a former maths and physics teacher, Caitlin brings a wealth of first-hand classroom knowledge to the team. Combining this with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Caitlin creates authentic scenarios that are relevant to both students' interests and the real world.