Parents affect kids’ attitude to maths, says Melbourne professor

Harry Johnson, 7, and his dad, Philip, find maths fun. Picture: Alex Coppel Source: Herald Sun

Harry Johnson, 7, and his dad, Philip, find maths fun. Picture: Alex Coppel
Source: Herald Sun

PARENTS who reckon they are no good at maths, can’t do percentages, and think algebra is in the Middle East, should stop bragging about it to their kids, an education expert warns.

When adults shrug off their own poor maths ability, they are affecting children’s attitudes to the subject, said RMIT mathematics education professor Di Siemon.

“No one accepts that it’s okay to say ‘I can’t read’, but they do think it’s okay to say ‘I was never any good at maths’, which of course is not okay,” she said.

That attitude simply legitimised failure in the subject in the child’s eyes...Read more

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This article is a must read for people who don't think linearly.

Maybe the 5th edition of our maths game will be played by our uploaded consciousness. Or maybe we won't need to "learn" maths, we'll just need to upload an operating file for it to our brain (matrix style!).

How exciting!