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4th Annual STEM Education Conference

  • Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney (map)

Connecting the real world into the classroom

We have all heard how critical STEM skills are for Australia’s future. How can we inspire students to pursue, be engaged or even get excited about STEM? One solution is bringing the real world context into the classroom through classroom resources. This can be powerful, particularly to engage girls in STEM fields and answer the question ‘why do I need to learn this?’ in maths class. This presentation will demonstrate ways to create real world contexts that are relevant for students and provide an overview of how you can create your own real world resources.

Felicity has a background in engineering and for the last five years has been working with industry, university and schools to shift the perception of engineering and maths. Working with organisations like Arup, Boeing, Qantas and Telstra Felicity founded two organisations, Power of Engineering and Machinam, to unlock industries stories and innovations to engage students in real world maths and engineering.

More information and registrations available here.