In Real Life for the Australian Curriculum v8.3

Year 9

Power to the People


It is the year 2020 and wind power is the most viable option for powering the town of Port Augusta in South Australia. It is our job to determine which site is the best place to locate the proposed wind farm.


Code Cracker


You have just received a mysterious Facebook message from your best friend. They've won VIP tickets to see Ed Sheeran tomorrow but their sister has hidden the tickets! You and your friend need to crack the code to find them in time.


Space Invader


It is the year 2050 and we are assisting in the first Australian-led space mission! Our mission is to gather the data on the distant comet Kyoko II which is disappearing faster than any comet seen before. We need to find the distance and trajectory of travel, and the design of solar panels required to complete our mission.



Build Your Bot


One of your classmates has become wheelchair bound. You and your class have taken on the task of helping Sam adjust to life in a wheelchair. Having recently learned about robotic assistive technologies, your class is inspired to take on the challenge of creating a robotic arm to give power back to Sam.


Festival Head


You have been asked to help organise a music festival in the Green Hills. Alpaca Land has offered to host the festival. It is your job to ensure that Alpaca Land will be a suitable site for the music festival.


Hitting the Slopes


You have been hired by the owners of a brand-new ski resort in a top secret location somewhere in the Victorian Alps. The owners have asked you to help them prepare for their grand opening in a few weeks.



Just A Car Crash Away


You have been called to the scene of a car accident to assist the police in their investigation in the small town of Summertown after a car lost control and crashed into the brand new coffee franchise.


A Thirsty City


It is the year 2020 in the coastal town of Hervey Bay in Queensland. Due to impacts resulting from climate change, the town is facing drought conditions. We need to work out if we have enough water in our dam to sustain the community now and in the future.


Dress to Impress


You are an Australian fashion label, and are creating the statement piece for your winter collection, a women’s jacket. One of your fashion designers has sketched out the design, and you need to complete the job.



Best Seat in the House


The roof of your local volley ball stadium has collapsed in a snow storm. The team need your help to design a new roof to meet the design requirements.


Down the Rabbit Hole


It is your 15th birthday and you and your friends go to the Enchanted Escape Palace to play one of their escape rooms. You need to solve each challenge to exit the room before time runs out. Immersed in an Alice in Wonderland type world, you solve a series of puzzles and unlock the clues to escape the room before time runs out.


World Tour


Your band has recently released a new album that is quickly gaining popularity all around the world. Following your rapid rise to fame you are now planning a world tour.


scenario ill-01.png

Social Media Mogul


We have been engaged as management consultants for a tech company. It is our job to design a global social media app. Our main competitors are Facebook and YouTube. The brief is to design an app which will appeal to people in all countries, and allow global communication despite language and cultural differences.