“Grand Theft Auto meets a maths textbook”: Machinam keeps it real for students

POSTED DATE: 30th September 2015

AUTHOR: Denham Sadler

Three QUT alumni are trying to answer a question persistently posed by young students when trying to learn a particularly hard algebra equation: “why do I need to know this?”

Machinam is a smartphone app that aims to show these maths equations and problems to students in a way that can be applied in the real world and in turn encourage more students, especially girls, to embrace STEM subjects.

The startup brings together problem-based maths learning with real life contexts through digital technology, providing an alternative to more traditional textbook-based learning.

Machinam co-founder Felicity Furey says it’s like “Grand Theft Auto meets a maths textbook”. Read more...

Felicity Furey of Machinam

Felicity Furey of Machinam